About Us

AMG International GmbH (AMG), is a Q3 Medical Limited Holding, a German based developer, manufacturer, and seller of high-end Cardiology and Peripheral Vascular devices in Europe, South America, Middle East, and Asia. AMG was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer and distributor for implantable medical devices, with a focus on the development and regulatory approval of coronary and peripheral vascular devices. AMG is currently commercializing its technology in over 30 countries and has recently completed its clinical studies for an advanced coronary stent with a fast absorbing biodegradable polymer, that may limit the time required for post implant dual anti-platelet therapy with 5-year follow up.

AMG GI: In 2017 the interventional coronary and peripheral vascular core customers were transferred to QualiMed’s own branded products and AMG will serve as the channel and brand for the company’s new Non-Vascular product lines, including ARCHIMEDES Biodegradable replacement for the 2 Million plastic stents that are used annually. Plastic stents have the distinct disadvantage of requiring a removal procedure and a high complication. In addition, its UNITY-B Biodegradable Balloon Expandable Biliary technology, (a hybrid platform of magnesium and polymer) is currently undergoing clinical studies and is CE approved.

Numerous other Biodegradable developments are ongoing from the Biodegradable covered version of the UNITY-B platform, to a Biodegradable oesophageal, and pseudocyst drainage system. All products built for the AMG GI product line will be Biodegradable. The distribution channel has already begun to form in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.